Twenty Spawn bags for only $10 + shipping!

20 Spawn Bags 12.8"x19" 3T-High Efficiency 0.2 Microns -- Great for Shiitake mushrooms!

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twenty different cultures including pink oyster, and Phoenix oyster. Comes as agar wedges in microcentrifuge tubes.


30 spawn bags, which are often called filter patch spawn bags, and are manufactured by Unicorn Imp. & Mfg. Corp.

These thirty spawn bag[Full Description]


250 seeds of each species offered! Nicotiana rustica -- 250 or more seeds Nicotiana sylvestris -- 250 or more seeds Nicotiana tobacum var Virginia[Full Description]


Four bags of pasteurized hydrated straw colonized by Phoenix Oyster, ready or nearly to fruit.


This is an ideal mixture of Coco Coir, Vermiculite, and Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) that has been properly hydrated by bringing to field capacity an[Full Description]


This is a one gallon ziplock bag full of coarse grade vermiculite. Great for mixing with compost, coco coir, horse manure or other bulk substrate[Full Description]


excellent for making liquid culture lids


6 large 0.5 micron spawn bags.

6 large 0.2 micron spawn bags.

6 small 0.2 micron spawn bags.


This is a 5lbs hydrated, pasturized straw block that is colonized with the Wellington Oyster. It is extremely easy to grow and produces up to 3lbs[Full Description]