16oz of Poly-Fil, New in bag. It is often used in hobby mycology for monotub teks, or for the preparation of liquid culture, spawn jars, or in t[Full Description]


200 viable Sida cordifolia seeds. This plant contains high levels of ephedrine, up to 1.2% in dried mass. Also produces numerous small yellow flo[Full Description]


Ready to root, just sit on soil. I will fit as many O. fragilis and O. macrorhiza in the small flate rate box as possible. Please be careful whi[Full Description]


Spore print of Psilocybe cubensis, Golden Teacher strain. Properly prepared on sterile aluminium foil on 8/14/2014

Ideal for micr[Full Description]


45 seeds of Trichocereus Bridgesii which is more properly known as Echinopsis lageniformis, or commonly Bolivian torch cactus. It is a a fast-gro[Full Description]




1000 seeds per packet Great Mullein has been used since ancient times as a remedy for skin, throat and breathing ailments. It has long had a med[Full Description]


Cinnamomum camphora (commonly known as Camphor tree, Camphorwood or camphor laurel) is a large evergreen tree that grows up to 20–30 metres tal[Full Description]


2. Agaricus blazei

7. Ganoderma formosanum BZ

8. Ganoderma lucidum ( SCL, scl is an aloha ()

10. hericium erinaceu[Full Description]